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TexaSoft Program Validation Information

Program Validation

The core statistical procedures in the KWIKSTAT programs (including WINKS, the Windows version of KWIKSTAT) have been developed and used for more than 15 years. Every revision of the program during that time has been tested in-house against the results of other major statistical programs such as SAS, BMDP, and SPSS. In addition, over 50 outside testers from universities, government and corporations world-wide periodically participate in further and continuous testing of the programs. If errors are found, the procedure is updated and re-tested, and corrected versions are sent to every user who is registered with TexaSoft program support.

Published benchmark data sets, standard reviews of statistical procedures, and standard textbooks are also used to test statistical procedures. Below is a list of some of the papers and texts used to test program procedures and results:

Journal Articles and Papers

"Benchmark Data Sets for Evaluating Microcomputer Statistical Programs," Alan C. Elliott, Joan S. Reisch and Nancy P Campbell," Collegiate Microcomputer, November 1989.

"Analysis of an Unbalanced Two-Way ANOVA on the Microcomputer," Alan C. Elliott and Wayne A. Woodward, Communications in Statistics, Volume B15, Number 1, 1986.

"Hypothesis Testing in Linear Models (Eisenhart Model I)", Michael H. Kutner, The American Statistician, 28(3), 96-100.

"An appraisal of least squares programs for the electronic computer from the point of view of the user.", J.K. Longley, JASA 62:819-831.

"Consistent Estimates of Autogregressive Parameters and Extended Sample Autocorrelation Functions for Stationary and Nonstationary ARMA models," R.S. Tsay and G.C. Taio, JASA 79, 84-96, 1981.

Standard Texts

Time Series Analysis - Forecasting and Control, Box, Jenkins and Reinsel, Prentice-Hall, 1994.

Introduction to Statistical Analysis, W.J. Dixon, and F.J. Massey, McGraw-Hill, 1969.

Understanding Robust and Exploratory Data Analysis, D.C. Hoaglin, F. Mosteller, and J.W. Tukey, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1983.

Statistical Computing, W.J. Kennedy, Jr, and J.E. Gentle, Marcel Dekker, Inc. New York, NY 1980.

Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, D.C. Montgomery, John Wiley and Sons, 1991.

Applied Linear Statistical Models, J, Neter, W. Wasserman, and M.H. Kutner, Richard D. Irwin, Inc, 1990. Third Edition.

Exploratory Data Analysis, John W. Tukey, Addison-Wesley, 1977.

Statistical Principles in Experimental Design, B.J. Winer, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1971.

Biostatistical Analysis, J.H. Zar, Prentice-Hall, 1974 and 1984 editions.

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