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These WINKS statistics tutorials explain the use and interpretation of standard statistical analysis techniques for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Trials, Marketing or Scientific Research. The examples include how-to instructions for WINKS SDA Version 6.0 Software. Download evaluation copy of WINKS.

Tutorials for Pie Charts in WINKS

The following tutorials describe how to create pie charts in WINKS SDA and how to create Excel Pie and bar charts from WINKS. The files needed for these examples are in your WINKS file directory.

WINKS Pie Charts

Create a pie chart from frequencies

Create a pie chart from counts

Create a pie chart by entered data from keyboard

Pie Charts

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Creating WINKS Pie Charts


You can create WINKS pie charts using three methods – from frequencies, summary counts or by entering data via keyboard:


Create a pie chart from frequencies – WINKS counts items in categories and creates a bar chart.

  • Open the data set named EXAMPLE.SDA.
  • Select Graphs – Pie Charts – Pie Chart (from frequencies) and select  SOCIO as the Data Field. The following pie chart is displayed.
  • To edit the chart, right click anywhere outside the box, or choose File/Options. See the Bar Chart tutorials for information on how to select options.

pie chart 1

  • An option unique to Pie Charts is to separate a pie slice. Do this by selecting Options, and click on the Pie Chart tab.

pie chart dialog

  • Select a pie slice index from the left and click on Add to add to the “select outside pie slices” box. When you choose Label/OK and Ok the slice will be separated from the other. In this example, slice 2 is selected.
  • On the Color option, check the Graduated colors option.
  • When you exit the dialog box, the following Pie Chart is displayed.

pie chart 2

Create a pie chart from counts


If your counts are in a data set, you can create a bar chart using this method:


  1. Open the data set named BARCHART.SDA
  2. Select Graphs -Pie Chart –Pie Chart (from summarized data)
  3. Selct VAR1 as the data field, and Label as the label field.
  4. Click on Label/OK and Ok and the chart is displayed.


Create a pie chart by entered data from keyboard (no data set)


To create a pie chart or pie chart by entering data, select Graph – Pie & Bar Charts – enter data from keyboard. Follow the description in the Bar chart tutorial.



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