star_blu.gif (874 bytes)  Yes! I Want WINKS!   star_blu.gif (874 bytes)

Choose one of these three options to get your copy of WINKS:

    1. Request that we send you diskettes by post (surface mail).
    2. Download the trial version directly to your computer.
    3. Order a fully registered copy.

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Option 1: Send us an e-mail messages and we'll ship you the evaluation disk promptly.

Important! Include in your request:

star_blu.gif (874 bytes) Your Name
star_blu.gif (874 bytes) Your postal address (anywhere in the world)
star_blu.gif (874 bytes) If you're an instructor considering using WINKS for a college course, tell us the college name, course name, and course number.

CLICK HERE to send your e-mail your request to or fax your request to 214-292-9799


BS00441_.WMF (3524 bytes)Option 2: Click here to download a copy of the evaluation program right now.


OR . . .

BUYNOW10.gif (1442 bytes)Option 3: CLICK HERE to ORDER THE FULL PROGRAM RIGHT NOW.  The program comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

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