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After downloading, use the activation code


We recommend that you do the WINKS tutorial (link above)

to get a quick start using WINKS.

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If one click does not begin download, right-click the Download link button and select "Run... or Save target (or link) as..."

IMPORTANT : After installing WINKS -- To run WINKS (first time only) - right click on the WINKS icon. Select Properties. Select Compatibility. Toward the bottom of the screen is a category called Privilege Level. Check Run as Administrator. From then on, simply click the WINKS icon to run the program.

For a Quick Start: "Getting Started Guide"(pdf file)


IMPORTANT: One you've installed the software, use this activation code


to activate the program for full use.

If you're having problems downloading, see notes below:

NOTE: For Interenet Explorer users only: If you see this green message above: You are prompted by Windows to verify that you want to install this program. Click More Info, then "Run Anyway." We recommend that you install with all recommended defaults. (You can change options later.)

Windows Message

(There may be similar messages for other browsers, please select "Yes" you want to install WINKS.)


OTHER OCCASIONAL PROBLEMS: Microsoft has made some changes in Windows that may affect the WINKS installation. If WINKS does not launch or put an icon on your desktop after the installation do this:

1.Go to My Computer on your desktop (or File Explorer)

2.Go to the C: drive and open the Program Files (x86) folder

3.Go to the TexaSoft folder and the WINKS7 Folder

4.Look for the file named SDA7.

5.Right click on it, and select Run As Administrator.

6.When prompted, enter your activation code.

7.Also, right click on SD7 again and choose to “Pin to Taskbar” or “Pin to Start” to make the icon visible.

Windows Vista users: In Windows Vista, some programs need to run as administrator in order to function properly. When you run WINKS, if you get an error message (usually Error 75) do this: Right click on the WINKS icon on your desktop, click the Advanced button on the Shortcut page to get to the Advanced Properties dialog. You'll see a dialog with a checkbox for 'Run as administrator'. Check this box. WINKS will now run normally.





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