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"I recommend WINKS to anyone who needs a quick and easy program to perform data analysis."  Dr. Wayne Woodward, Southern Methodist University


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Introducing the
WINKS SDA Version 7
"The best ever!"

WINKS 6 as released

Data Features in Version 6

New Data Features in Version 7

  All WINKS Version 6 data files work with WINKS SDA 7. WINKS SDA 7 runs on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and on all other recent releases of Windows. (Vista, XP, etc)
  The new WINKS 7 maintains all of the current features users have come to rely on, plus new enhancements that make data analysis easier and quicker.

Limited variable labels

Extensive variable labels: For example define BMI= Body Mass Index so the label will appear in output rather than the variable name.

No variable formats

Define variable formats: For example format GENDER to 1=Male and 2=Female, so Male and Female appear in output rather than 1 and 2.

  More intuitive data entry and cell editing.
Do data calculations only by formula

Menu specified data calculations:

  • z-score (by group)
  • square root
  • natural log
  • log base 10
  • add/subtract a constant
  • raise to a power
  • difference between 2 dates (month, year, week, etc)
  • Box-Cox transformation
  • difference a time series
  • lag
  • autoregressive transform
  • autocorrelations
  • partial autocorrelations
  • make all UPPERCASE
  • make all lowercase
  • Make first letter cap
  • Make All Words Title Case
Recode numeric only Recode numeric and character variables
Some calculations Improved calculations that better deal with missing values
Not available Calculate indicator variables from categories
Not available Write calculation steps that can be replayed (Kwikstat code file)
Not available Append one data set to another and merge two data sets by keyword (adding variables from one set to the other)
Some Filter records More extensive record filters
  Run R Programs from WINKS. Enter and manipulate data in WINKS, and use that data in an R program. More info.
  Export WINKS data set to SAS
  Run R Programs from WINKS! (Requires that you install R)
Program operation 6
New Operation Features 7
Menu selection to move from window to window One-click move from window to window
Limited explanations on output Optional extended explanations including write-up suggestions for hypotheses
tested, and summarized information that you can cut and paste into an article or report
Output erased each time an analysis is performed Option to append new output in the output window, clear output, print output
Basic Analysis Features 6
Basic Analysis Features 7
Single test for normality

Multiple tests for normality

  • Lilliefors/Kolmogorov-Smirnov
  • Anderson-Darling
Means by single group variable Means with up to 2 group variables
Fixed choice Percentile calculation custom choice
Multiple comparisons at fixed alpha only Simultaneous confidence limits on differences for multiple comparisons
Single table of frequencies per variable Grouped frequency tables
2x2 crosstabulation tables 2x2 crosstabulation tables -- added
  • PPV (positive predictive value)
  • NPV (negative predictive value)
  • labels for tows and columns
Enter crosstabulation data as counts.
Some simulations Simulation added - Monty Hall (3 door) probability problem demo. (animated)
Not Available

Outcomes and probabilities

  • Counting outcomes
  • Permutations
  • Combinations
  • Adding and multiplying probabilities
Graph Features
New Graph Features Version 7
Simple graphs

New custom design options on most graphs

  • Font selections for axes, titles, etc
  • Color selection for line, dots, etc
  • Selection of dot characteristics
  • Extended printing options
Single histogram Histograms by group
Single line plot

Enhanced line/ time series plots

  • Multiple line plots on same screen
  • Overlay line plots
  • Plot autocorrelations and spectums
Simple pie charts

More pie chart options

  • From summarized data
  • From frequency data
  • Separated slices
  • As an Excel plot
Simple bar charts

More bar chart options

  • From summarized data
  • From frequency data
  • Grouped or Stacked
  • As an Excel plot
Professional Analysis Features 6
Professional Analysis Features 7
No outlier test Grubbs Outlier Test
Advanced ANOVAs
  • New ANOVAs can handle more unbalanced situations.
  • ANOVA with Trend Analysis
Simple Logistic Regression More features and capabilities for logistic regression
Time series

Major update to Time Series options

  • Select best model using several AIC criteria (and WNV)
  • ARMA Spectrum & Residuals
  • More estimation options including MLE, Burg/Tsay, & Yule-Walker
  • Added options for Time Series Plots
Not available Forest Plots (Meta Analysis)
  Enter Mantel-Haenszel from counts
  Export WINKS data set to SAS, including missing values, labels and formats
  Printable version of these features (pdf)


WINKS Reference Guide

WINKS SDA 7 BASIC Description



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Updated March 05, 2011