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"I consider WINKS a treasure."
- Bill Lafitte, Pepperdine University - GSEP

WINKS makes teaching statistics intuitive and relevant.

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"I recommend WINKS to anyone who needs a quick and easy program to perform data analysis."  Dr. Wayne Woodward, Southern Methodist University

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WINKS SDA 7 - Helping you teach statistics
Statistical Software for
Students and Instructors

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WINKS Statistical Data Analysis (SDA) software from TexaSoft is a well thought-out program that is intuitive, easy to learn, and packed with instructional features. WINKS helps your students to learn appropriate statistical methods for data analysis. 

Students quickly grasp WINKS software. Its Excel-like data handling, ability to import and export Excel files, and create Excel graphs is a great plus. Its advantage over Excel is that WINKS reinforces an understanding of hypothesis testing, interpretation of results, and provides many more statistical procedures and more relevant graphs. The WINKS interface is similar to SPSS, but it costs much less and produces more explanatory output than most other statistical programs -- very helpful for students.

Use WINKS for homework and exercises. The 224 page WINKS manual is packed with hand-holding examples that provide a quick way for your students to learn how to use and interpret statistics procedures. Try WINKS for one course, for one semester, and we know you will be pleased with the results.

WINKS Student Editions are affordable. Choose from a Basic Edition for only $39 (normally $99) that includes features found in most introductory methods courses or a Professional Edition that includes advanced statistical procedures   suitable for graduate or advanced courses for only $99 (normally $229). (Student Editions contain the same features as the standard editions, but at a fraction of the normal retail cost.)

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Dr. Wayne Woodward says, "We were using another program (Minitab), but switched to WINKS because it does the job we need, it's easy to use and simple to understand."

WINKS is well suited for instruction. We've included helps that guide you through selecting an appropriate analysis, easy options for entering and importing data, and you can perform the analysis you want with just a few clicks from the menu. Plus, WINKS helps your students by guiding them to the proper analysis and providing information about what hypotheses are being tested, and offering information about how results might be interpreted.

The new WINKS Getting Started Guide is a handout you can use in your classroom to get your students started using WINKS. Also, check out the new BeSmartNotes -- laminated 8.5 x 11" 3-hole punched reference sheets for WINKS SDA. You can purchase them in quantity for about half-price (or ask your bookstore to have them on hand for students.)

Purchase BeSmartNotes Reference sheets at the TexaSoft on-line store.

Click here for information to give to your bookstore. or Click here for a PDF Bookstore Order Form.

We're serious about making your job easier, and about providing your students with a modern, full-featured applied statistics program.

Give WINKS a try -- use WINKS in one course, and you'll be convinced. 

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 Instructors -- CLICK here to request a free review copy -- for instructors outside North America, we can provide you with a downloadable copy.


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