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More About WINKS

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"I consider WINKS a treasure."
- Bill Lafitte, Pepperdine University - GSEP


INKS 7.0 Student Editions

WINKS BASIC (ISBN:0927523078)


Information for Bookstores
WINKS is a 224 page book with the software program included on CD. A minimum of 10 student editions must be ordered to receive the bookstore discount. Only bookstores associated with degree-granting institutions may order student editions. 

(Print this form and give the information to your university bookstore.)
Click here for a PDF Bookstore Order Form (Requires Acrobat)


Standard Edition

Student Edition
Suggested Retail Price

WINKS Basic (Windows) ISBN:0927523078
Version 7.0



WINKS Professional (Windows) ISBN:0927523086
Version 7.0



BeSmartNotes 7.95 or $49 per dozen 7.95 or $49 per dozen

eMail your order to: info@texasoft.com or call 214-444-7656. Questions? Please email us at info@texasoft.com for fastest response.

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Also, check out the new BeSmartNotes -- laminated 8.5 x 11" 3-hole punched reference sheets for WINKS SDA. You can purchase them in quantity for about half-price (or ask your bookstore to have them on hand for students.)

Purchase BeSmartNotes Reference sheets at the TexaSoft on-line store.

To save the students (and parents) money, our student editions


Thanks for visiting us on the web, please feel free to call us or e-mail us if you have any questions.


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