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"I consider WINKS a treasure."
- Bill Lafitte, Pepperdine University - GSEP

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Statistical Software

"No programming required ... to perform any analysis in WINKS."

We'll help you get the answers you need. Here's how...

Easily enter your data

  1. Enter your data from Excel, comma separated files, or directly into WINKS.
  2. WINKS will use raw or summary data on many analyses.

Analyze your data & get professional and understandable results

  1. WINKS provides many statistical procedures to choose from (see below, and also see Professional Edition)
  2. WINKS explains the hypothesis tested and walks you through the decision making process to get your answer for most analyses
  3. WINKS provides graphs for most analyses
  4. WINKS shows you how to write up your conclusions on many of the procedures
  5. A WINKS diagram in the manual helps you select the correct procedures to analyze your data

 Report results -- we'll help you with your write-up

  1. WINKS provides sample write-ups using APA format to help you describe your results
  2. Most analyses include a graph that explains your conclusions

 Overall - WINKS can help you now

  1. We sat down with students and researchers to design WINKS to fit your needs.
  2. As a result, WINKS provides you with more hand-holding help than any other statistical package -- from data entry to interpretation of results.
  3. A number of on-line tutorials are available to help you analyze your data.
  4. We provide you with a quick start-up tutorial that will get you up and running within 30 minutes.
  5. Satisfaction guaranteed -- 30 day money back if WINKS is not what you need.

WINKS SDA BASIC performs standard statistical calculations such as:
(For more features see the Professional Edition)

  • Descriptive statistics (means, standard deviations, median, coefficient of variation, skewness, kurtosis, highest and lowest values, etc.)
  • Test for normality
  • Confidence intervals, percentiles, Tukey 5-number summary
  • Cp and Cpk analysis (QC)
  • Statistics by group (up to 2 factors)
  • Statistics from counts
  • Percentile calculations
  • Calculate permutations and combinations
  • Calculate p-values for Normal, t, Chi-Square and F statistics
  • Graph features: Histograms, bar charts, stacked bar charts, pie charts, line charts, time series plots, stem and leaf, scatterplot, fitted regression line, matrix of scatterplots,  etc.
  • Create Excel charts directly from WINKS
  • Pie and Bar charts from keyboard data
  • t-tests -- single sample, independent group and paired t-test
  • t-test from summary data
  • One-Way Analysis of variance with multiple comparisons (Newman-Keuls, Scheffe, Tukey) from raw or summarized data
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA with post hoc multiple comparisons
  • Dunnett's test (from raw or summarized data)
  • Frequency tables
  • Goodness of fit analysis
  • Crosstabulation (rxc) Chi-Square analysis -- with multiple comparisons of proportions for 2xc and rx2 tables
  • Fisher's Exact test
  • Correlation (Pearson and Spearman)
  • Comparison of proportions
  • Point biserial correlation
  • Simple linear regression
  • Multiple linear regression.
  • Mann-Whitney nonparametric test for two independent group comparison
  • Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric test for three or more independent group comparison, with post hoc nonparametric multiple comparisons (Dunn's Test)
  • Wilcoxon signed rank test and the Sign test for paired group comparison
  • Friedman's test for repeated measures with post hoc nonparametric multiple comparisons
  • Cochran's Q test for comparison of dichotomous data
  • McNemar's test for paired dichotomous data
  • Survival analysis & Life Tables (Actuarial and Kaplan Meier -- comparison by group using Mantel-Haenszel for post hoc comparison of groups)
  • Simulations -- Central limit theorem, confidence intervals, coin flip
  • Report generator

WINKS SDA works on Windows Vista, XP (as well as Windows 2000, NT, and 98.) Designed for researchers who need to get statistical answers quickly. Plenty of examples are available to get you started. Hundreds of hours of working with consultants and researchers went in to creating the interface as well as creating understandable examples and program output.

Sample Output and Graphs:



  • WINKS is an economical, reliable and simple to use statistical analysis tool for researchers 

  • It contains a wide range of statistical tests including many handy features not found in programs such as SPSS or SAS -- for example, easy analysis from summary data (as well as from raw data), nonparametric multiple comparisons, APA standard analysis write-up suggestions and more.

  • Friendly interface with easy Excel-like data handling & graphs (reads and writes Excel files.)

Data entry and manipulation:

  • Spreadsheet data entry
  • Cut, copy, paste data
  • Easily opens data from Excel Files (as well as from CSV and DBF files)
  • Recode data
  • Calculate new variables
  • Filter variables for analysis
  • Select a random sample
  • Sort data
  • Delete and insert rows and columns of data
  • Program data limitations


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