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Auburn University
Berlex Laboratories
Buffalo Abrasives Inc
C W Post
Ca Dept Of Transportation
Cabiner Medical Du Grand Parc France
Caterpillar Inc
Ccms Dallas
Center For Biomedical Informatics
Chiron Diagnostics
Clemson University
Coca-Cola USA
Concordia University
Craven County Tax Office
Dept Of Transportation Sacremento
Digital Library Federation
Ecolsciences Inc
Electronart Design Ltd
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Endevco Corp
Federal University Of Paraiba Brazil
Florida Metropolitan University
Florida State University
Fujisawa Taiwan Co Ltd
Fundacion Cenaim-Espol
Gentek Building Products
Gentek Building Products
Grand Rapids Community College
Hampton University
Health Canada
Helsinki University
Hibbing Community College
Hirschengasse Austria
Hong Kong University
Hunt Wesson Inc
Indiana University
Indiana University
Institute Of Med Semeiotics
Iowa State University
Johns Hopkins University
Kingman Elem School District
Kings River Community College
Korea National Open University
Kuwait University
L And S Machine Co Inc
L.A.P. Electrical Ltd
Laboratoire Cinesiologie Switzerland
Latrobe University
Lewis University
Long Islnd University
Longs Drug Stores
Loyola College
Maine Atlantic Salmon Comm
Masstrace Inc
Matsushita Communication Uk
Michigan State University
Ministry Of Labour Fiji
Monmouth University
Montana Dept Of Transportation
National Institute For Standards And Technology
Naval Medical Research Center
Nc A&t State University
New Jersey Med School
North Carolina State University
NY State Property Services
Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical
Oxford Graduate School
PCI Newco Inc
Pender Co Tax Assessors Office
Pepperdine University
Purdue University
Rhode Island College
Rutgers University
Sacred Heart University
San Diego State University
Scientific Learning Corp
Scottish Rite Hosp For Childrn
Sea Fisheries Research Inst
Silicon Valley College
Smith College Sch For Soc Work
Snapp Tool Die Inc
Speedfam-Ipec Inc
St Louis University
St Tammany Parish Hospital
St Tammany Parish Hospital
Starcraft Aerospace
Summit Injury Management
Taipei Medical College
Texas A&m University
Texas Children's Hospital
Texas Engineering Ext Service
The Monroe Institute
The Naropa Institute
The University Of Tokyo
Thomas Jefferson University
U S Coast Guard
UCLA School Of Public Health
United Way
University Of Mississippi Med Ctr
University Of St Thomas
University Of Wisconsin
University Of Alaska Southeast
University Of Georgia
University Of Guelph
University Of Maine
University Of Minnesota
University Of Nebraska
University Of Nevada Reno
University Of Oklahoma
University Of The Pacific
Us Consumer Prod Safety Comm
Us Nuclear Regulatory Comm
Utah State University
Walt Disney World
Whip Mix Corp
Yale University
Zale Lipshy University Hosp




WINKS SDA Statistical Data Analysis
Your personal Statistics and Data Analytics Software since 1981

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Designed for ease of use

-- Great for Dissertations and Theses --

Detailed explanations with output help you interpret results.

WINKS works on Windows 7,8,10 (and most other versions)

WINKS Manuakl

Understand your data, make it work for you in analysis, business decision making, and data description. A powerful tool that's straightforward to use.


WINKS Software


Teaching Statistics - A Special Message for Instructors

Now is the time to think about your next statistics or data analytics course.

Over the past 20+ years thousands of students have learned Statistics and Data Analytics using WINKS Statistical Data Analysis from TexaSoft. It is designed to make it easier to teach and explain how statistics is used in research. Try it for one semester, and we know you’ll use it in your class again and again.

We've listened to statistics instructors for decades to create the software program you want for your students. Try it'll see.

Star New: Teaching WINKS PowerPoint Slides Star

Start using WINKS 7 Statistical Software Instantly by purchasing the downloadable version. CLICK HERE


"WINKS is an excellent basic program that runs well on my laptop. I find that I use it more than SAS" - Dr. Jim Dickson, Iowa State University

"I recommend WINKS to anyone who needs a quick and easy program to perform data analysis." - Dr. Wayne Woodward, Southern Methodist University.

"[WINKS is] brilliant to teach students statistics with the null and alternative hypotheses."
- Dr. Jorgen Fabricius, Denmark

WINKS runs on
Windows XP, Vista and
Windows 7, 8, and 10 (32 & 64 bit)

"I consider WINKS a treasure."
- Bill Lafitte, Pepperdine University-GSEP

WINKS Statistical Data Analytics (SDA) & Graphs is designed to help you use statistical analysis; from introductory analyses (BASIC EDITION) to more advanced topics (PROFESSIONAL.) Use WINKS in the classroom to learn statistics, or as a data analysis tool for your theses, dissertations, professional journal articles, reports, and research projects. We guarantee WINKS will meet your statistical needs -- or your money back. (Return within 30 days for full refund.)

More about WINKS SDA >>

WINKS SDA, 7th Edition
Statistics, Data Analytics, and Graphs Software

  • WINKS SDA is software designed to help you learn and use statistics for your own research. Use it for your next Statistical Analytics and "Big Data" projects. Designed for healthcare, predictive, science, and business analytics.

  • WINKS BASIC – For introductory and intermediate statistical instruction and analysis

  • WINKS PROESSIONAL – For higher level instruction and analysis: theses, dissertations, research projects and journal articles.

  • WINKS is an economical, reliable and simple to use statistical analysis tool designed to help students and researchers get the statistical answers they need.

  • WINKS contains a wide range of statistical tests including many handy features not found in programs such as SPSS or SAS -- for example, easy analysis from summary data (as well as from raw data), nonparametric multiple comparisons, APA standard analysis write-ups and more.

  • The newest features include Grubbs Test for outliers  and Tukey Test for outliers, Kwikstat Data Generator evaluation edition, multiple comparisons in 2xc and rx2 crosstabulation (Chi-Square) analysis)  & Permutations and combinations calculator.

  • Statistical tests such as t-tests (paired t test, independent group t test/unpaired t test), ANOVA, regression, correlation, repeated measures, logistic regression, times series analysis, chi-square, Bland-Altman, Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney and much more.

  • Friendly interface with easy Excel-like data handling & graphs (reads and writes Excel files.)

  • PROMPT delivery to you when you order now.

  • Print a brochure (pdf format)

  • Recent updates include

    • Added ability to calculate new column of z-scores for numeric variables.
    • Increased maximum groups to 40 for one-way ANOVA and one-way repeated measures (40 repeats).
    • Added editor option to create indicator variables from categorical variables.
    • Added Outcomes and Probabilities module that calculates combinations and permutations.
    • Added Grubbs & Tukey tests for outliers.
    • Added Multiple Comparisons of Proportions to Crosstabulations procedures for 2xc or rx2 tables
    • Updates are free to current users.

More about WINKS >>



Some WINKS Awards

WINKS Awards

Quick Comparison - WINKS vs Industry Leaders

t-tests (one, two, paired)
ANOVA (one-way, multi-factor, repeated)
Analysis of Covariance w plots
Extra work
Extra Work
Regression (simple, multi, stepwise)
Analyze from summary stats
Bland-Altman Plots
APA Writeup Suggestions
Grubbs Outlier Test
Retail Version Cost w Statistics Modules
$99 to $229
Over $1000
Over $5000/yr
NOTE: WINKS Student pricing is lower. Click for student pricing.


BeSmartNotes for WINKS, SPSS and SAS

Handy reference notes -- laminated 8.5x11 three hole punched reference cards with helpful information for beginners and avid users:

Purchase BeSmartNotes Reference sheets at the TexaSoft on-line store.


WINKS is WINdows KwikStat

"No programming required ... to perform any analysis in WINKS."

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Instructor's Corner


Over 60,000 students have learned statistics / data analytics using WINKS...

Use WINKS Statistical Software in your classroom!

  • Easier to use and clearer output than R, SPSS or SAS
  • Designed for quick, easy, understandable analyses
  • Almost no software teaching needed

WINKS Student Editions help students understand practical statistical data analysis concepts and procedures. WINKS is quick to learn, affordable, and works well in the classroom. Thousands of students have used WINKS. Try it in your classroom and see how it can help you teach statistics.

Instructors: Click here.

StarNew: PowerPoint Slides for Instructors

A sampling of WINKS statistical analytics procedures

  • Extensive descriptive statistics -- with group breakdowns, extreme cases, confidence intervals, percentiles, test for normality, and more
  • Grubbs outlier test
  • t-tests -single, independent and paired
  • Multiple Regression, simple, stepwise, polynomial, all-possible
  • Logistic Regression
  • ANOVA, simple, multi-way with multiple comparisons, 96% CI
  • Analysis of Covariance
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Comparison of Means
  • Correlation - Pearson, Spearman & Partial
  • Extensive Graphics
  • Mantel-Haenzel
  • Non-parametric Tests
  • Kruskal-Wallis
  • Mann-Whitney
  • Friedman's test (repeated measures)
  • Mutiple Comparisons
  • Dunnett's test
  • Crosstabulation, Chi-Square, Liklihood Ratio
  • Goodness-of-fit
  • z-scores
  • Survival Analysis
  • Bland-Altman Plots
  • Odds Ratios
  • Inter-Rater Reliability
  • Kappa (Weighted)
  • Fisher's Exact test 2x2 tables
  • Cramers V, Phi
  • McNemar's, Cochran's Q
  • Sensitivity and specificity
  • ROC curves
  • Read and write Excel data
  • On-line step-by-step tutorials
  • Output includes informtion on how to interpret and write up results
  • Many other statistical features
  • Runs on Windows 7 & 8 (as well as Vista, XP, and other versions)
  • Student pricing available

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Apple LogoHow to run WINKS on a Mac

WINKS will run on a Mac when Windows in installed. Go to this link to find out other options.


Now available: Run R Code in WINKS 7
* Factor Analysis Example
*Instructions on Running R code in WINKS


Special Edition
of WINKS with additional
Time Series features

Time Series Cover

This book Includes time series data analysis features that are based on the WINKS SDA front-end (features only available in the Applied Time Series Book Edition) (release Oct 2011)

For information about this book and the Time Series module for WINKS,Click Here

"Current time series theory for practice is well summarized in 2012 book Wayne A. Woodward, Henry L. Gray, Alan C. Elliott, Applied Time Series Analysis, CRC Press" —Emmanuel Parzen (2012)


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